Wednesday, December 18, 2013

EJBCA Enterprise 6.0 released

This is a copy of the product release from PrimeKey.

17 Dec 2013 — Stockholm, Sweden

PrimeKey proudly presents the next generation open source enterprise PKI, EJBCA Enterprise 6.0.
Running on the latest technology platforms, this PKI is faster, more resource efficient, more secure and more user friendly than ever.
EJBCA Enterprise v.6 is so flexible it is suitable for any organization, cloud, social or mobile system.

EJBCA Enterprise *6.0* release notes

Having already passed two maintenance releases, EJBCA Enterprise 6.0 is now ready for production! The following are a selection of the most noteworthy changes.
  • New features

    • New Crypto Token concept, giving complete GUI support for configuring signature and keys, either in software or on hardware security modules. Hardware security modules has never been easier.
    • CMP configuration can now be done in the GUI, and supports multiple different configurations through CMP Aliases. More flexible than ever you can easily set up CMP to talk to any type of device, all with a single instance of EJBCA.
    • The new Internal Key binding concept merges the Certificate Authority and Validation Authority functionality. Use the same instance, or multiple instances, using the same well known admin GUI as a Certificate Authority or Validation Authority or both.
    • Full support for the latest platforms. Java 7 and JBoss 7 are now the default recommended platforms, faster, more secure and more resource efficient.
  • Improvements

    • More than 300 issues have been resolved during the development of EJBCA Enterprise v.6.
More information on EJBCA Enterprise PKI is available here. For entire technical details view the changelog in the issue tracker.

EJBCA is a registered trademark of PrimeKey Solutions AB in the EU, the United States, Japan and certain other countries.

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