Wednesday, September 22, 2010

EJBCA 3.10.5 released

After a completed new and improved QA cycle, we are are proud to release
EJBCA 3.10.5. We think that EJBCA 3.10.5 is the beast EJBCA version to
date and encourage everyone to upgrade.

This is a maintenance release with 37 issues resolved, both features and
bug fixes.

Noteworthy changes:
- Fixed admin GUI error running on JBoss 5.
- Fixed some issues with audit and approvals when using admin
certificates issued by an external CA.
- Harmonized admin GUI and improved looks. Contributed by David Carella
of Linagora.
- Added and improved caches of profiles and CAs, improves performance.
CLI for clearing caches.
- Fixed installation issue on Windows when JBoss installed in root
- Fixed re-publishing of certificates when CertReqHistory is not used.
CertReqHistory is enabled by default for new CAs.
- Updated German translation, contributed by Atos Origin.
- Support unrevocation using WS-API.

Read the full changelog for details.

Download and read documentation at

Also read the product release news at PrimeKey.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Performance lab

We have a new small performance lab at PrimeKey, a 2U machine with 4 physical servers, each with dual quad code CPUs, 3 SSD disks (striped) and 24GB RAM. It's good for testing high loads and large volumes, and we've been doing just that for the 3.10.5 release.

I have been running postgresql on one machine, with two appservers and one test client for a while. I managed to get a single appserver with EJBCA issuing up to 300 certificates per second. It's pretty quick to issue some 20 million certs with that speed. No slowdowns so far...

Now I'm installing Oracle on one of the machines. Unfortunately you have to run an old RHEL4 to install oracle so it takes some time and frustration (compared to installing ubuntu and postgres).