Wednesday, December 19, 2012

EJBCA 5.0.8 released

We are pleased to announce the release of EJBCA Enterprise version 5.0.8.

This is a maintenance release with improvements and bug fixes. In all 12 issues have been fixed.

* Noteworthy changes:
- Private key is not longer needed to verify database protection using the ejbca-db-cli.
- Improved robustness of ' ca importcertdir' command.
- It is now possible to obfuscate log signer key password.
- Fixed a but with CMP certificate authentication.
- Minor bugfixes.

These are all minor issues and improvement.

PrimeKey EJBCA Team

EJBCA 4.0.13 released

We are glad to release version 4.0.13 of EJBCA to the Community.

This is a maintenance release containing a few new features and improvements. In all 25 issues have been resolved.

* Noteworthy changes:
- New self-registration work-flow available in the public web.
- Added extended key usage for WiFi EAP authentication.
- Some build improvements to avoid issues on some platforms (no javascript, no jasper).
- More minor GUI improvements by David Carella of Linagora.
- Minor bug fixes.

The release do not contain any critical fixes, but is a natural step in improving the Community version of EJBCA.

The self-registration work-flow that first appeared in the EJBCA v5.0 Enterprise version has now also been released in EJBCA 4.0. Self registration has been a long standing request from the community and also some customers, and we a glad to say that it is now available in all active versions of EJBCA. Don't miss to try it out!

Get the new release from

Happy holidays,
PrimeKey EJBCA Team