Saturday, December 20, 2008

HTC G1 android phone and tele2

Hardly surprising the G1 works perfectly also in sweden. To configure for tele2 I only configured five items in the APN configuration.
- Name: Tele2
- APN:
- MMS proxy:
- MMS port: 8080
After this this phone works like a charm. Buying the phone from google was easy and delivery was fast, only a week.
Now all we have to do is run EJBCA on the phone :-)

To re-encode movies to show on the phone (using cinema app for example) do this on Ubuntu:
- apt-get install avidemux, and start avidemux. Avidemux works great as a mobile media encoder.
- Open the file you want to convert.
- In Video dropdown select MGEG-4 ASP (lavc).
- Click Configure->Encoding Mode->Single pass - bitrate, enter 384 kb/s and click ok.
- Click Filters, double click MPlayer resize, width 480, height 320, click OK then close.
- In Audio dropdown select AAC (FAAC).
- Click Configure and select bitrate 96.
- In Format dropdown select MP4.
- Finally click Save and enter the new filename with .mp4 ending.

Now just make sure you copy the file to sdcard intact.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Zepto Nox A15 and Ubuntu 8.10

On my new Zepto Nox A15 most things work out of the box, except suspend to ram (hibernate works) and screen brightness. I blame the nvidia proprietary driver for this...

This is what I did to get screen brighness settings to work:
First check out the latest nvclock source code:
> cvs login
> cvs -z3 co -P nvclock
> cd nvclock
> gedit src/backend/nv50.c
change line 331 from:
if((nv_card->subvendor_id == PCI_VENDOR_ID_SONY) && nv_card->gpu == MOBILE)
if(nv_card->gpu == MOBILE)
> ./configure --prefix=/usr
> make
> sudo make install
> sudo cp src/smartdimmer /usr/bin/smartdimmer

Now we have the command so fix up hal so it calls nvclock when the brightness keys on the keyboard are pressed:
> sudo gedit /usr/lib/hal/scripts/linux/hal-system-lcd-set-brightness-linux

if [ -w "$HAL_PROP_LINUX_SYSFS_PATH/brightness" ]; then
echo "$value" > $HAL_PROP_LINUX_SYSFS_PATH/brightness
if [ "$HAL_PROP_LAPTOP_PANEL_ACCESS_METHOD" = "general" ]; then
# if nvidia nvclock command exists, try to use it
if command -v nvclock &>/dev/null
#echo " Yes, command :nvclock: was found."
foo="$(((($value +1)*10)+5))"
nvclock -S $foo
exit 0

Done. Now if only suspend would work it would be perfect.
I also have some slight problems with sound settings (volume up/down) that worked at first but not anymore...

Oh I forgot to say...EJBCA works perfect!

EJBCA 3.8.0 released

EJBCA 3.8.0 have a whole range of fixes. One of the most interesting is the improvements in the authorization module, making it much easier to configure administrators and allowing you to use externally issued certificates as administrator certificates (for example from a national id).
This will hopefully get rid of most questions posted asking about problems configuring new administrators.

See for the download and full changelog.

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