Saturday, December 20, 2008

HTC G1 android phone and tele2

Hardly surprising the G1 works perfectly also in sweden. To configure for tele2 I only configured five items in the APN configuration.
- Name: Tele2
- APN:
- MMS proxy:
- MMS port: 8080
After this this phone works like a charm. Buying the phone from google was easy and delivery was fast, only a week.
Now all we have to do is run EJBCA on the phone :-)

To re-encode movies to show on the phone (using cinema app for example) do this on Ubuntu:
- apt-get install avidemux, and start avidemux. Avidemux works great as a mobile media encoder.
- Open the file you want to convert.
- In Video dropdown select MGEG-4 ASP (lavc).
- Click Configure->Encoding Mode->Single pass - bitrate, enter 384 kb/s and click ok.
- Click Filters, double click MPlayer resize, width 480, height 320, click OK then close.
- In Audio dropdown select AAC (FAAC).
- Click Configure and select bitrate 96.
- In Format dropdown select MP4.
- Finally click Save and enter the new filename with .mp4 ending.

Now just make sure you copy the file to sdcard intact.


Unknown said...

i cant get it to work.. :( are all other fields in the APN settings blank? whats the MNC and MCC?

Unknown said...

me again i got it to work! :D

I deleted all pre-installed APNs and added the MCC: 240 and MNC: 07

thank you very much for your post

tomas said...

Great! With my Tele2 SIM card the MCC and MNC were pre-filled. I had looked up the numbers on the net, but never had to fill them in.

Kristinn said...

I had a prepaid tele2 (comviq) card when I first got my Android Dev Phone and all was fine. I then changed to a Tele2 subscription and thus got a new sim card. After punching in the PIN code with the new sim card I get the error: "The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

The new sim subscription card works in my old Nokia phone, and I have tried two different pre-paid cards in the Dev Phone and both work.

Are you using a subscription or a pre-paid?

tomas said...

I have a subscription, Tele2 Jobbarkompis.

Unknown said...

Does MMS work for you with these settings?
I never send any myself by when I received one (incorrectly - had to pick it up on the website) I tried to send one oo and failed.

Any hint would be appreciated.
I have an flatrate work subscription that is really fast at 3+G (tried the wifi teather very successfully before upgrade to 1.5).

tomas said...

I can send MMS and receive. When I get it from some people, I have to download it from web, but from others it works directly.
MMS sucks anyhow so...