Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Zepto Nox A15 and Ubuntu 8.10

On my new Zepto Nox A15 most things work out of the box, except suspend to ram (hibernate works) and screen brightness. I blame the nvidia proprietary driver for this...

This is what I did to get screen brighness settings to work:
First check out the latest nvclock source code:
> cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@nvclock.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nvclock login
> cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@nvclock.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nvclock co -P nvclock
> cd nvclock
> gedit src/backend/nv50.c
change line 331 from:
if((nv_card->subvendor_id == PCI_VENDOR_ID_SONY) && nv_card->gpu == MOBILE)
if(nv_card->gpu == MOBILE)
> ./configure --prefix=/usr
> make
> sudo make install
> sudo cp src/smartdimmer /usr/bin/smartdimmer

Now we have the command so fix up hal so it calls nvclock when the brightness keys on the keyboard are pressed:
> sudo gedit /usr/lib/hal/scripts/linux/hal-system-lcd-set-brightness-linux

if [ -w "$HAL_PROP_LINUX_SYSFS_PATH/brightness" ]; then
echo "$value" > $HAL_PROP_LINUX_SYSFS_PATH/brightness
if [ "$HAL_PROP_LAPTOP_PANEL_ACCESS_METHOD" = "general" ]; then
# if nvidia nvclock command exists, try to use it
if command -v nvclock &>/dev/null
#echo " Yes, command :nvclock: was found."
foo="$(((($value +1)*10)+5))"
nvclock -S $foo
exit 0

Done. Now if only suspend would work it would be perfect.
I also have some slight problems with sound settings (volume up/down) that worked at first but not anymore...

Oh I forgot to say...EJBCA works perfect!


Si W said...

Did you test the fingerprint reader? This is one thing that I'm having trouble getting working on my Nox A15 right now.

tomas said...

Ah no, didn't get round to that yet. Spent too much time trying to get suspend working...

Si W said...

I've actually managed to do it now, this website really helped: http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/04/get-your-fingerprint-reader-to-work-in.html

tomas said...

You didn't get suspend to work either?

Si W said...

no, I haven't sorted that yet. I'm battling with wireless and playing DVD movies at the moment. I'm not expecting wireless to be easy, as we have another Zepto laptop, a Znote 6625WD, and it took 8 months to sort wireless out on that, although I have more of an idea about how to do that now.

tomas said...

With 8.10 wireless was out of the box for me, but then I ordered with the intel wifi.

Johan said...

with the wireless i used the windows driver so try that;)

Si W said...

Hmm... I was using the manufacturer's drivers, trying to stay away from ndiswrapper etc as much as possible because I was planning on doing a security audit using wireless (aircrack etc), so I downloaded the driver from RaLink, and installed it myself.

Incidentally, this driver is installed by default in Ubuntu 9.04

luc said...


I've got a Mythos A15 (same thing in white) and I'm also trying to get Ubuntu 9.10 working well...
I can regulate the volume with the keyboard, but the volume-wheel at the left side fools around a bit.
I didn't get my display dimming! (Maybe because the nv50.c-file changed or maybe just because I'm a newbie)
But the most heavily problem is the suspend-mode. To go in suspend-mode seems to be no problem to my laptop. But I didn't get him back again!

Did you managed to make it working?

tomas said...

For me Ubuntu 9.10 (64 bit) works fine, suspend and resume works like a charm. It did not work in 9.04, but works in 9.10. The only think not working perfectly is screen brightness, but I can use "smartdimmer -s 20", that works.

luc said...


Suspend doesn't work - although the error changes all the time.

can you please write me an email? I think we should not spam the comments with my problems.
foehre at gmx dot net