Tuesday, November 20, 2018

EJBCA 6.15.1: Publishers, Publishers, Publishers!

    We couldn't stay away, so at the same time as the UI is being refurbished and prepared for our coming Common Criteria certification we've been busy adding some neat new features to EJBCA 6.15: Publishers Galore!

    Multi Group Publishing

     In order to facilitate for users administrating large numbers of publishers referenced in multiple certificate profiles, we've implemented the Multi Group Publisher

    By referencing Multi Group Publishers instead of the affected publishers directly, actions such as adding or removing VAs can quickly permeate throughout all affected certificate profiles. The publisher also allows splitting referenced publishers into groups, which establishes parallel publishing queues. 

    SCP Publishing and VA Population

    Due to popular demand for an alternative to the Peer Publisher in environments where establishing a Peer Connection between CA and VA isn't an option, we've created the SCP Publisher, which publishes certificates and CRLs to a remote location over SCP.

    Conversely, in order to import certificates and CRLs exported by the SCP Publisher a VA, we've implemented the Certificate and CRL Reader Service

    GDPR Adapted Legacy VA Publisher

    Just like we did for the Peer VA Publisher back in EJBCA 6.13, we've GDPR adapted the Legacy VA Publisher.

    By enabling the new Don't store certificate meta data option at the bottom, VA publishing can be performed without writing any identifying information to the VA. 

    Revocation Time added to CertSafe Publisher

    The output of the CertSafe Publisher has been amended to include revocation time. 

    Mike Agrenius Kushner
    Product Owner, EJBCA