Wednesday, November 9, 2011

EJBCA 4.0.5 released

EJBCA, the Open Source Enterprise PKI, version 4.0.5 has been released.

This is a maintenance release with a few improvements and bug fixes. In all 7 issues have been resolved.

Noteworthy changes:
  • Correct comparison of public key in HSM and CA certificate.
  • Fixed regression during republish.
  • Many small bug fixes.
View the full changelog. in our Jira.

We are currently focusing on bringing common criteria certification to EJBCA, something that will come in EJBCA 5, which is the next release that we are working on.

See the PrimeKey release news.

The PrimeKey EJBCA Team

About the EJBCA project
EJBCA PKI is a Certification Authority and a complete enterprise PKI management system, delivered either as an integrable part or as a turnkey solution. EJBCA OCSP and EAC are sub functions of EJBCA PKI, and are used for on-line validation and ePassports.

EJBCA offers great advantages such as excellent cost-effectiveness, unmatched flexibility, complete integration – and full professional maintenance and support by PrimeKey,