Monday, April 9, 2018

EJBCA 6.12 - Brand New Documentation and Auditing Capabilities Galore!

The PrimeKey EJBCA team is pleased to announce the feature release EJBCA 6.12, and a small step but important step forward in the development of EJBCA. The first changes I'd like to divulge are organisational, we added some very important personell to our team. PrimeKey has hired a dedicated tech writer, Annica, who will be helping both the EJBCA and SignServer teams to get our much maligned documentation in order. Secondly, we've started taking in some outside help for development work, integrating them into our core team in order to increase throughput. So, what is new with this release?

Revamped Documentation

Having listened to all your calls of woe and distress over the state of the documentation (and I may add, much of our own), our tech writer Annica has performed a Herculean effort in shifting the entire thing over to Confluence instead of the ancient xdoc format.
Naturally, this is just a first step towards a far more organized, updated and user friendly documentation. You may notice a sense of chaos and disarray in the current structure, and while we agree with you fully, that is merely a consequence of the already existent structure coming to light. Major changes to take notice to that the release notes (this document), change log and upgrade instructions have all been moved in here as well. They're still available offline from within the doc folder in the release zip, but are now also published both online and deployed with EJBCA to the application server.

Configurable OCSP Extensions

We've put quite a bit of work into OCSP Extensions. Those of you familiar with OCSP Extensions will probably remember configuring them through configuration file.

In order to make extension configuration simpler and more precise we've moved it to the UI, and set it up to act per keybinding instead. Any existing extensions defined in the configuration files will automatically be added to existing OCSP keybinding configurations, but please read more about that and more in the upgrade notes.

Additional Proxying Capabilities in the RA

As response to external demand, we've added two new features to the RA:
  1. The ability to proxy SCEP requests, much as is done with CMP and EST already
  2. We added forwarding of revocation and revocation status requests over SOAP. The full list of methods in the EJBCA WS that can be proxied via the RA are:
  • certificateRequest
  • checkRevokationStatus
  • getLastCertChain
  • keyRecover
  • keyRecoverEnroll
  • revokeCert

The ConfigDump Export and Audit Tool

Some of you may be previously familiar with our StateDump tool, an application for exporting and importing installations. While this has solved many problems for us and some of our customers in our past, a very common deficiency in the tool has always been that the XML based dumps are difficult to read, edit and manage, and that the data therein has never been human readable. We have thus decided to venture on remaking this tool from the ground up, and making the first iteration (which is only export capable) publicly available. It is built and run from the command line:
This results in a neat structure of export files sorted by type:
Which are serialized and normalized as yaml objects. Any UID references are replaced with their human-readable names.
We very much hope that you'll find this tool useful in the future for change handling and auditing.
Mike Agrenius Kushner
Product Owner EJBCA