Monday, June 14, 2010

Howto extend a KVM virtual disk, using lvm, with larger disk space

An installed KVM Ubuntu 10.04 guest with regular disk using LVM (lvm makes the resize operation a bit more tricky).
In this example the original disk was 20 GB and I want to extend it with 20GB more.

  1. Stop guest

  2. Extend imagefile med zeroes to desired size
    - create addon space with the size you want to extend disk with
    sudo qemu-img create -f raw addon.raw 20G
    - make backup of the original disk
    mv ubuntu-dev.img
    - concatenate the extra space on top of the old image
    cat addon.raw >> ubuntu-dev.img

  3. Start guest with gparted live iso
    Partitions might look like:
    Number  Start   End     Size    Type      File system  Flags
    1 1049kB 256MB 255MB primary ext2 boot
    2 257MB 20.5GB 20.3GB extended
    5 257MB 20.5GB 20.3GB logical lvm

    - extend physical partition (2) with gparted (easiest) to fill upp the entire (new) disk

  4. Reboot into guest
    - Remove the logical partition (lvm)
    - Create a new logic partition, with exact same start but new ending
    rm 5; mkpart logical ext2 0 4000; set 5 lvm on

  5. Resize the lvm physical volume (use pvdisplay to find out the device /dev/vda5)
    - pvresize /dev/vda5

  6. Resize the lvm locial volume
    - lvresize -L+4309 /dev/www/root
    repeat the above until you fill up the entire free space, use pvdisplay and lvdisplay to see the free size

  7. fsck the filesystem, the filesystem name is visible when you do lvdisplay
    - fsck -n /dev/www/root

  8. Resize the filesystem to fill up the space
    - resize2fs /dev/www/root

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Spanish speaking EJBCA forum

We have opened up a new EJBCA forum targeted for spanish speakers.
EJBCA-usuarios. You can visit the new forum on Sourceforge.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prototyping a new admin web console for EJBCA

This is the first sneak preview of the new admin console that we are working on. The new admin console is currently scheduled for EJBCA 4.1, which is due in 2011. We'll see how the progress goes though, if we can include a beta earlier than that.
The new admin console is uses a modern JSF web framework, giving it a modern look and feel. Of course there is AJAX :-)

Check the movie below to see what the prototype offers. In the first step we have focused on making the CA administration and easy to use as possible. It should be easy to get an overview of your CAs and easy to make the simple tasks, operating on one or multiple CAs. Editing CAs (and profiles) will use a tabbed interface, removing the rediculously long list of options there is today. Instead we can hide the advanced features behind tabs that you don't need to open unless you really want to.
Other usability features will surely be added.

Please feel free to provide feedback on the current prototype, aspecially the ideas on how to manage CAs.

Or watch the video on YouTube.
Or download mpeg.
Or download ogv (opens directly in newer FireFox).

PrimeKey EJBCA Team.