Thursday, August 12, 2010

4.0 on the rise...

With the migration of beans to ejb3 done (by Johan and Mike), we can now deploy and start EJBCA 4.0. So far it looks the same as 3.10 of course, difference under the hood. Lots of JUnit tests still fail, but that will be dealt with now one by one.

EJBCA 3.10.4 released

Back from summer holidays we have a new good release to announce.

This is a maintenance release with 23 issues resolved, both features and bug fixes.

Noteworthy changes:
- Possibility to specify custom certificate serial number for end entities.
- Possibility to configure CA to not use CertReqHistory to increase performance.
- Harmonized admin GUI and improved looks. Contributed by David Carella of Linagora.
- Other performance optimizations. More than 100 certificates per second can now be issued under certain conditions.
- WS API did not work with external administrator certificates.
- Mitigate potential XSS vulnerabilities in admin GUI.
- Fixed bug when creating CRLs for CAs with single quote in the DN.
- Other admin GUI improvements with better error messages in some cases.

Read the full changelog for details.

One known issue from 3.10.4 is

There were many changes in the admin GUI for this release. Please let us know if you encounter any regressions using the admin GUI.