Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EJBCA 4.0.15 released

10 May 2013 — Stockholm, Sweden

The PrimeKey EJBCA team is happy to announce that EJBCA 4.0.15 has been released! This is a maintenance release — 5 issues have been resolved. The most noteworthy changes can be seen below.

EJBCA PKI *4.0.15* release notes

A maintenance release containing 2 new features and 3 improvements.
  • New Features

    • It is now possible to publish certificate serial number in LDAP using a custom LDAP schema.
    • When creating link certificates, a certificate profile can now be used.
  • Improvements

    • Two new fields (C and UID) added to end entity email notification, by David Carella.
    • Debug log message when healthcheck fails, makes debugging easier.
  • Bug fixes

    • No bugs found!
Development continues beyond this version and all requests from the community are scheduled for EJBCA 4.0.16 or later releases.
More information is available at the project web site and the complete changelog can be viewed in the issue tracker.

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