Wednesday, November 3, 2010

EJBCA 3.9.9 released

We have released EJBCA 3.9.9. This is an informal maintenance release
with only one new feature and a few back-ported fixes from 3.10.
The release was done for a particular project. For normal usage we do
recommend the latest released version 3.10.5, which is the preferred
version and proven to be very stable. You should only upgrade to this
version if you have a specific purpose and requirements.
For regular users, even of the 3.9 branch, there is not need to upgrade
unless you need any of the specific fixes in this release.

- ExtendedInformation, such as issuance revocation reason, can now be
added when editing users with the WebService API (new feature also
present in upcoming 3.10.6 and 3.11.0 releases).
- Error adding end entity with several required and non required OUs
(new fix for rare issue, also present in upcoming 3.10.6 and 3.11.0
- Added correct URIEncoding also for port 8080 in Tomcat's server.xml
- Fixed Issuer CA DN HTML escaping when revoking through Admin GUI
- Using multiple of the same Custom OID field for OtherName in Subject
Alternative Names results in double values (back-port).

Note: The WebService WSLD has changed for adding ExtendedInformation in
the UserDataVOWS object.
Old WS clients without this should still work and we have tested with
older EJBCA clients.
However if you depend on the WS-API you must test in your environment
before bringing this new version in production.

PrimeKey EJBCA Team

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