Friday, November 26, 2010

EJBCA 3.10.6 and cert-cvc 1.2.12 released

EJBCA is our Open Source Enterprise PKI certificate authority.
Cert-cvc is our open source java library for working with EAC CV certificates.

This release is a very small maintenance release intended mostly to mark
the end of the 3.10 branch, anticipating 3.11.0 to be released within a
few days.
If you are running 3.10.5 with no issues, there is no real reason to
upgrade to 3.10.6. A few people have been waiting for the only new
feature in this release, but for others there is nothing really exciting.

EJBCA 3.11.0 however will be a stepping stone towards EJBCA 4.0, which
is nearing. EJBCA 3.11.0 will contain many new features and enhancements.

New Feature
* [ECA-1264] - Add extended information to edit user WS-API.

* [ECA-1877] - SPOC interop requires "unusual" countries which the CVC
library does not permit

* [ECA-1841] - Error adding end entity with several required and non
required OUs
* [ECA-1845] - Wrong reference in on line doc link for renew ca
* [ECA-1914] - Import of certificate profiles referring to CVC CAs
failed in CLI

You can view the changelog in Jira:

As usual you can download the new release from

The PrimeKey EJBCA Team

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