Thursday, May 3, 2018

EJBCA 6.13.0 - Our VA is GDPR Ready!

What now, another feature release so soon? Fear not, all is well  - instead we felt that some of the work we've put in to the trunk should be made available as soon as possible. We hope that as many of you as possible have had a chance to check out the ConfigDump tool we released with EJBCA 6.12, please give us any available feedback that we can plug in to future versions.

Adapting the VA to GDPR

We've added an option to the VA Peer Publisher to restrict publishing identifying certificate metadata from the CA to VA, such as subject DN, SAN or usernames. 

 Key Ceremony Utilities added to the RA Web

During key ceremonies, auditors typically require a copy of all CA Certificate fingerprints. To spare you the process of downloading CA certificates and computing the fingerprints manually using a third-party tool, we've added the following functionality to the RA Web:
  • Download Fingerprints: Downloads a YAML text document with the CA Certificate fingerprints of all CAs you have access to.
  • Download Certificate Bundle: Downloads a compressed zip file containing the CA certificates of all CAs you have access to.
For more information, see RA Web CA Certificates and CRLs.

Roadmap Update

As always we tend to be very restrictive with discussing our roadmap, but one very long awaited project we're very pleased to finally have time to redo the CA UI, a point of contention which I'm sure all of you are painfully aware of. As refactoring interfaces is always a minefield we'll be taking it in minor steps, beginning with the conversion of the antiquated JSP pages into more modern-ish JSF before beginning to make more concrete improvements in usability. Expect to see some pages in the UI slightly change appearance in the autumn, and keep tuned to this blog for more updates on this subject. 

Mike Agrenius Kushner
Product Owner EJBCA

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