Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Presenting EJBCA 6.10: Customized RA Layouts and CMP Keypair Generation

Happy halloween to all, we the Plucky Khobolds of PKI have been toiling away at another release.

Customized RA Layouts

Speaking of costumes and dressing up, EJBCA 6.10 introduces an extremely neat feature to the RA web: not only the ability to upload custom stylesheets and logos on the CA web to be used in the RA, and not only setting these per role, but having these transmitted to a remote RA over the Peers protocol. This means that the look-and-feel of an RA placed in an entirely different country than the CA can be modified CA-side without even  requiring a restart of the RA, and it can be done for multiple users depending on their role.

Adding a custom style is trivial, just go to System Configuration and click on the Custom RA Styles-tab. From there simply upload an archive containing a modified copy of the RA's stylesheets and/or a custom logo, and then give it a name.

Thereafter you may simply go to the Administrator Roles-screen, where there now is a new column to set a custom stylesheet for each role if one wishes.


On the theme of scares and frights, we're sure that nobody missed the ROCA vulnerability that was made public this month, as written about here. While EJBCA has never used Infineon libraries for key generation (and to the best of our knowledge, none of our supported HSM vendors do either), we've still been capable of signing weak keys submitted from other sources. Fortunately since we introduced the RSA Key Validator back in EJBCA 6.9, adding a ROCA check there as well was trivial. For those of you running or planning on running RSA Key validation, we strongly recommend activating checking for ROCA weak keys.

Central Keypair Generation over CMP

On the CMP side we've added the concept of Central Key Generation which allows for a request for a keypair generated CA side to be transmitted and returned over CMP.

Other Fixes

Certificate Transparency has been given the ability to specify, apart from the minimum number of required logs, which logs which are considered mandatory to write to - this in anticipation of new requirements from Chrome coming in 2018. We've also kept working on our CAA validator, hammering out various corner cases and parallelising DNS lookups for certificates containing multiple DNSNames.

From an upgrade perspective we're happy to see many legacy installations (EJBCA 4.0 and older) beginning to upgrade towards more modern versions of EJBCA, and have received some bug reports specific to older deployments which we've fixed in this release. Currently we support upgrading directly from EJBCA 5.0.16 or later. EJBCA 6.10 introduces no database changes, so upgrading from 6.9.x doesn't involve any automatic or manual upgrade steps.

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