Wednesday, March 26, 2014

EJBCA Enterprise 6.1.0 released

The PrimeKey EJBCA® team is happy to announce the release of EJBCA Enterprise 6.1.0.
This release resolves several issues, with a few highlights: Increased performance through OCSP improvements; Key Recovery improvements; support for EAC 2.10 (ePassport) access control templates.
Running on the latest technology platforms, EJBCA Enterprise v.6 is so flexible it is suitable for any organization, cloud, social or mobile system. Faster, more resource efficient, more secure and more user friendly than ever.

EJBCA Enterprise *6.1.0* release notes

A maintenance release containing 32 new features and improvements, below a selection of the most noteworthy:
  • New features

    • New OCSP features related to RFC 6960, minimizing size of OCSP responses.
    • Implemented OCSP signing algorithm selection from client requested algorithms.
    • CVC certificate profiles (ePassport PKI) now supports EAC 2.10 access control templates.
  • Improvements

    • OCSP improvements with more cache control settings.
    • Improvements to Key Recovery, enabling encryption key rollover and providing more information about encryption keys.
    • Ability to build and install EJBCA on Windows platforms.
    • The ManagementCA created during default install, now uses SHA256WithRSA.
    • EJBCA compiles cleanly with Java 8, WildFly 8 and Glassfish 4 (running on those platforms however, is not yet supported).
    • EJBCA can now use certificate serial number longer than 64 bits.
    • Many reported minor issues have been fixed, as well as minor GUI improvements.

More information

Basic information on EJBCA Enterprise PKI is available here. For entire technical details view the changelog in the PrimeKey Issue Tracker.
EJBCA is a registered trademark of PrimeKey Solutions AB in the EU, the United States, Japan and certain other countries.

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