Wednesday, December 19, 2012

EJBCA 4.0.13 released

We are glad to release version 4.0.13 of EJBCA to the Community.

This is a maintenance release containing a few new features and improvements. In all 25 issues have been resolved.

* Noteworthy changes:
- New self-registration work-flow available in the public web.
- Added extended key usage for WiFi EAP authentication.
- Some build improvements to avoid issues on some platforms (no javascript, no jasper).
- More minor GUI improvements by David Carella of Linagora.
- Minor bug fixes.

The release do not contain any critical fixes, but is a natural step in improving the Community version of EJBCA.

The self-registration work-flow that first appeared in the EJBCA v5.0 Enterprise version has now also been released in EJBCA 4.0. Self registration has been a long standing request from the community and also some customers, and we a glad to say that it is now available in all active versions of EJBCA. Don't miss to try it out!

Get the new release from

Happy holidays,
PrimeKey EJBCA Team


Raul said...


New self-registration work-flow is available in the public web, is available for External RA GUI, too?

tomas said...


Raul said...

It will be available in next release (or releases)?

tomas said...

Nothing planned no. You are the first request. No possibility you can build it?

Raul said...

I'd like to, but i'm afraid i don't have the required skills.