Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Open Source at Security Document World 2012

I will hold a presentation called "Leveraging Open Source technologies for secure electronic documents" at Security Document World 2012.

Summary of the presentation:

Todays security documents requires the deployments of extensive security software infrastructures, primarily PKI based. Current, and future, security documents such as passports, ids, driver licenses and tachographs all require one or several public key infrastructures to produce and use.
This presentation will show open source solutions available to support these documents, including CSCS, Document Signer, CVCA, DV and Inspection Systems. We will explain how security document producers can use these solutions in the best and most efficient way, and what pitfalls to avoid. In order to reap the full benefits of open source and open standards there are a few more things to consider apart from simply viewing it as cost free software.
Finally we will display real world use cases where open source software is part of the production of millions of security documents.

I will mention several open source project:
- SignServer
- BouncyCastle
- etc

Looking forward seeing you at the conference :-)

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