Tuesday, May 3, 2011

EJCBA 3.11.2 released

The PrimeKey EJBCA team is happy to announce that EJBCA 3.11.2 has been released! This is a maintenance release – 23 issues have been resolved. The most noteworthy changes can be seen below.
EJBCA 3.11.2 is a maintenance release in the 3.11 branch of EJBCA. The main release branch of EJBCA is the 4.0 branch, where 4.0.1 has been released, and 4.0.2 is upcoming.

EJBCA 3.11.2 Release Notes

Improvements and new features:
  • Increased algorithm support on PKCS11 HSMs.
  • Added a webservice based RA written by Daniel Horn.
  • It is now possible to disable the command line interface.
  • There are new commands to import CRLs and certificates which are useful when migrating to EJBCA.
  • Documented the fact that External OCSP does not run on JBoss 5.x.
  • Added GlassFish database schema for Oracle.
  • Added a webservice call for retrieving CA path.
Bug fixes:
  • Removed some unelegant error messages from the GUI.
  • Removed a bug that sometimes caused a day longer validity of certificates due to day light savings.
  • Fixed bug which prevented revokation after upgrading from EJBCA 3.4.x.
  • Fixed a bug causing some information to not be logged during WS calls.
  • Fixed a bug preventing revoked certificates to be republished to the VA server.
  • Republish button now works with special characters and without certificate request history.

Development continues beyond this version and all requests from the community are scheduled for EJBCA 3.11.3 or later releases.

More information is available at the project web site and the complete changelog can be viewed in the issue tracker.

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