Thursday, December 23, 2010

EJBCA 4.0 alpha1 released

Hi everybody!

Eagerly waiting for the next major version of the best PKI software in the world? Now is your chance to try it out.

EJBCA 4 uses Java Enterprise Edition 5 (JEE5) instead of J2EE. This is a major improvement of the core, modularization, portability and packaging, but you will not notice many functional differences.

What else?

  • The database schema is fully defined through the Java Persistence API and table create scripts are provided for all the supported databases.

  • Many bugs have been corrected. For example EJBCA Services will run more stable in a clustered environment.

  • The Ingres database can now be used with EJBCA without patching the code.

  • A JEE5 compliant application server, Java 1.6 and Ant 1.7.1 or higher is required from this version on.

Since this is and alpha release, you can expect a few rough edges. Have in mind that there will not necessarily be an upgrade path from this release to EJBCA 4.0.0.

Submit bug reports!

Happy holidays and testing,
The PrimeKey EJBCA Team

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