Monday, May 17, 2010

EJBCA at the Greek police

I held a presentation about EJBCA and SignServer at two conferences, held by Eellak, in Greece this weekend. As a part of this I gave as example an installation of EJBCA at the Greek police. A short summary below.
  • Project PoL, Police on-line.
  • EJCBA replaces RSA Keon CA.
  • Installation by BYTE and PrimeKey.
  • All certificates in smart cards (~25.000).
  • Cards are used to access the PoL network and sign documents.
  • Both old cards and new cards produced with EJBCA, used simultaneously
  • to access, sign and encrypt using a new client, NetID.
  • An old RSA cards that expire is replaced with a new card.
  • Users and documents are not affected.
All in all a nice installation and a good example of usage of PKI in an organization.

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