Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Better late then never... EJBCA 3.10.0 released

I missed to write about this important event. On the 26th of march EJBCA 3.10.0 was released.

This was a major release with lots of internal reorganisations, new features and fixes. It's in much a preparation for EJBCA 4.0, with restructuring of the code to make transition easier and the whole code base better organized. But also a few noteworthy features entered this release.

Noteworthy changes:
- Restructuring and refactoring to improve maintainability, prepare for the EJBCA 4 release and Common Criteria certification.
- Web Service method for creation or update of a user and creation of a certificate in a single transaction.
- Enforcement of unique public keys and subject DNs.
- New External RA API GUI for browser enrollment without ingoing traffic to the CA.
- Support for Ingres 9.3.

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