Sunday, June 7, 2009

EJBCA 3.9.0 released

After much hard work, EJBCA 3.9.0 is finally released. This might just
be the best release ever of EJBCA :-)

This is a major release adding many new features and improvements, and fixing numerous bugs.
126 issues have been resolved for this release. Check the changelog, there is a good chance that your favorite issue has been resolved.

Some noteworthy changes:
- Support for CAs using DSA keys. EJBCA now supports all major algorithms; RSA, DSA and ECDSA.
- External RA improvements. CA service running as an EJBCA services gives full cluster functionality and support for multiple external RAs. As a bonus it is now much easier to install and configure.
- Robust re-publishing mechanism for publishers that fail, running as an
EJBCA service.
- OCSP responder improvements with performance improvements and support
for on-line renewal of OCSP responder keys and certificates. The external OCSP responder can now saturate high performance HSMs.
- OCSP monitoring tool for monitoring synchronization between EJBCA and
external OCSP responders.
- GUI for configuring the external OCSP publisher with new options.
- Possible to change OCSP signing keys in a running external OCSP responder.
- New commands and stress tests in the client toolbox.
- A new admin web gui front page with status overview panels.
- Possible to configure status of certificates issued for end entities, i.e. issue certificate revoked "on hold".
- New DN attribute, Name.
- Performance improvement by caching and lowering number of database queries.
- XKMS now works also on Java 6.
- Possibility to set user validity start and end time in WS API.
- Lots of small fixes and improvements to the admin GUI.
- Lots of small bugfixes.
- Keon CA to EJBCA migration guide.

Note that the configuration of External RA changed dramatically (to the better). If using the external RA, please read the manual how to install and configure the RA CA service in EJBCA 3.9.

Note that this version brings database changes. Read the UPGRADE document for upgrade instructions.

This release should, as always, work on JBoss, Glassfish, Weblogic and OC4J, together with most available databases.

Read the changelog for details.

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