Friday, July 11, 2008

EJBCA gets ePassport contribution from Swedish National Police Board

The open source enterprise PKI software EJBCA has received support for EU EAC ePassports. The Swedish National Police Board has developed the cert-cvc java library used for the implementation, and contributes the library to the open source project under the LGPL license. The Police Board also supported the development to integrate the library into EJBCA.

EAC, short for Extended Access Control, is the standard developed in the EU to protect fingerprint and iris data stored on electronic travel documents (passports). Fingerprints will be stored on all EU passport within a few years, with pilot project starting this year. Releasing the library to the open source means that other EU member states does not have to develop everything themselves, and could make implementation much easier and less expensive.
A perfect example of openness and cooperation.

This release is feature complete for EU EAC ePassports using RSA algorithm. ECC support is still not complete. Any help in the ECC area is welcome.

The library is released, with full source, and can be downloaded from sourceforge —"

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